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Marriage Ministry


River's Edge Ministries provide several ministries that serve the Lord. River's Edge is a Family that serves together side by side in the Lord's work.

- The ARK

We were called to start the Marriage Ministry in 2010. We have been married since 1991. We are growing in our faith in God and understanding of what God wants marriage to be, through our own trials and joys and also with the close work and guidance for many other marriages. God has given us a heart’s desire to grow alongside with other couples.
The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to prepare couples for the joys and challenges of a lifelong commitment to a Christ-centered marriage. We seek to strengthen, encourage, and support existing marriages and those engaged to be married, to reflect God’s intention for marriage through all life's stages, and to help restore marriages that are struggling and broken.
This can only be achieved through applying the truths of God’s Word to one’s personal life and then one’s marriage.

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Pastor Brent and Christy Horton

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