Starting Dates of Ministries

Music Music Director 1986
As a Couple 1988
Family 2008

Pastor Youth Pastor @ Clearview 2001
Youth Pastor @ OBBC 2007

Marriage Ministry Classes 2010
"The Ark" 2015

Called to Preach 1st Sermon 2011
Ordained 2012

Women's Ministry "MORE Life Group" 2017



We, Brent & Christy, were both saved at a young age, and give God Glory for all the blessings in our lives, marriage, and family. The Lord has protected us from many negative consequences and has given us victory over many problems. God put our marriage together in 1991.

Prior to hearing God's call into His ministry, we were formally known as the "River Rats", Brent & Christy Horton, and performed songs from Country, Gospel, Oldies, Blues, and Pop.

Music Testimony

In 2008, God led us on an individual basis to sing exclusively for Him. He dealt with us a little differently but as we started talking to each other about what we believed God was leading us to do, we realized that God was talking to the other one also. It is wonderful to know for certain what God wants you to do.

Pastor Testimony

In 2007, God called me, Brent, to be Youth Pastor and Christy, my wife, to serve close beside me at Old Bethel Baptist Church. God increased our Youth Group from 5 to 30 and over the years we have discipled, counseled, pointed lives to Christ, and much more work for the Lord.

Marriage Ministry

God continued to change us and by growing in the Lord as individuals, God started working on our marriage. As he continued to bless our marriage, he gave us a heart to want other marriages changed like ours. In 2010, God called us, Brent & Christy, to start the Marriage Ministry. We have taught couples' classes, counseled marriages and pre-marriages, led marriage devotions, written marriage devotion curriculums, spoke at marriage seminars and assemblies. We have seen marriages healed, restored, revived, and pointing others to Christ.


This was just a pure calling from God. It isn't something I thought He would ever call me to do. I knew from a child that He always wanted me to work in ministry but never thought a preacher. 2011 is when He called me to preach. It was humbling and a very scary calling. I don't take it lightly and know the warning for preaching outside of His Truth.
I would not be at peace doing anything else!

Women's Ministry

As God continued to have us work with marriages, I (Christy) started seeing how many women were struggling (as I once did) with their identity and purpose in life. Not knowing the Truth about who we are and what God's good purpose is for us, has led so many into a life of emotional, physical, and spiritual bondage. Continual failures in life, marriage, and family are the result. God has given me a desire to reach other women with His life-giving Truth. So in 2017 God called me, Christy, to begin the "MORE LIfe Group" for women of all ages.

We hope that others can experience the joy and freedom you can have when you put your trust in Jesus Christ. If you are not saved that would be the first step. To know that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). And that by trusting in Jesus, He can cover your sins and bring you into a right relationship with God. When Jesus, who never sinned, died on the cross he paid the price for our sins. Three days later, He arose and had victory over death. So the work is done and all that is left is for you to trust and believe in Him, (John 3:16).

Pastor Brent and Christy Horton