Starting Dates of Ministries

Music Music Director 1986
As a Couple 1988
Family 2008

Pastor Youth Pastor @ Clearview 2001
Youth Pastor @ OBBC 2007

Marriage Ministry Classes 2010
"The Ark" 2015

Called to Preach 1st Sermon 2011
Ordained 2012

Women's Ministry "MORE Life Group" 2017

Marriage Ministry


River's Edge Ministries provide several ministries that serve the Lord. River's Edge is a Family that serves together side by side in the Lord's work.

- Women's Ministry - MORE Life Group

Started from a branch from the Marriage Ministry, the Women's Ministry, "MORE Life Group", is for Women of all ages. I, Christy, was called by the Lord to begin ministering to women in 2011, and I began the MORE Life group in 2017. The Lord has delivered me from the darkness of believing Satan's lies through the knowledge of His Truth. And is still delivering me. Jesus Christ not only came to earth to save us, but He came to give us a more abundant life now (John 10:10b), and wants us to be made free from all brokenness and lies we may be believing about Him, ourselves, and our circumstances. He has put in me a mission to reach other women (young and older) with His life-giving Truth. Freedom, deliverance, and victory only come through the grace of God and it begins with a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Come join me and let's learn what it looks like to walk in obedience to Him and His Word.

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Sister Christy Horton